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Artisticity Index / Indice de Artisticidad. Metal cabinet, 100 glass bottles (4x 9,5 cm.), 100 hands painted by 100 painters of History.

Painter's Index. 15 x 82 x 250 cm. 2010.

Artisticity Index is made up of a series of 100 hand prints, taken from different reproductions of works painted by famous artists in the history of Western painting. The selection criteria of the works is aimed to cover a historical period with a certain consistency and amplitude, from the Middle Ages to the present day. Each fragment has been inserted into a glass bottle filled with water, building an orderly sequence of samples, in the manner of an indexed catalog. The series of bottles is arranged on a four-level metal shelf, and is accompanied by a printed index in which the relative position of each fragment is indicated with the name and year of birth and death of the respective artist. The work seeks to put in value each fragment as a representative unit of a particular style and time, thus constituting a sum of specific “points of view”, formally linked by a strategy of amputation and serial scopic display that leaves them in a relationship of equivalence, independent of their specific original context.

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