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Homunculus. Intervened pharmaceutical bottle inserted in metal box, with LED illumination. 30 x 11,5 x 10 cm. 2013.

This work is inspired by the Homunculus, a name that was given in the ancient art of Alchemy to small mythical beings generated by pseudoscientific processes performed by alchemist. The will of “generating life” through such artificial procedure is analogous to the artistic operation carried out, since the dissection of the original work from which the fragment is taken is transmuted into a “rebirth”, a restitution of integrity in the new format, which infuses on it a renewed vital breath with light, reflections and transparency. This series of 20 bottles, is constituted by a set of human bodies taken from specific pictorial works in which the body presents a certain potential for individualization and autonomy with respect to its context. As in the case of the Artisticity Index, a dissection operation has been carried out in each work, isolating and decontextualizing the bodies, and giving them a scale of reduction that leaves them in a regime of equivalence by size. The bodies are inserted in pharmaceutical bottles, which replace the original pictorial context and transform it into a new “container body”, which has the virtue of singling out and constructing a sort of radiant aura for each fragment.

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