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Rigor Mortis I-VII. Hand made fresnel and digital printing. 5 x 30 x 46 cm each. 2009.

The name Rigor Mortis (stiffness of death) corresponds to the state of cadaveric stiffness that, under normal conditions, extends between 3 and 36 hours after death. Although the overall post mortem process has different phases, of which the most evident correspond to the decomposition and the skeletal, the bodies and parts preserved in formalin may express a certain tension that evokes the very moment of death, understood as the threshold between mobility and immobility, between an active vital principle that expresses itself as movement, and a final thanatic state of absolute fixity, of irreversible immobility. The proposed series, constituted by 7 works, is based on the visual exploration of the threshold between these two states, by transforming a natural hand posture into a “twitching” gesture, prior to mortuary laxity.

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